Monday, December 29, 2008


Welcome to our middle team space online in the blogosphere. Each week one of our fantastic classes will share their learning, successes and celebrations. Subscribe to our blog so that you get reminders sent directly to you when this blog has been updated. We look forward to your comments, contributing to a wonderful 2009 learning community that will be not only for our local community, but we hope will attract some global connections too.


  1. This blog will be such a great source for your students to look back at, particularly when they are older. Just like sitting down with your old school exercise books and reminiscing about the good old days!

    I hope everyone involved with the blog has a lot of fun sharing their learning with us. We are a great community (us bloggers) and love supporting one another.

    Good luck,
    Melanie Gibb

  2. hey you guys look really great thanks for such a cool greeting you guys look fantabulous

  3. i say

    great blog mrs peterson/room 18

    cool guys it looks realy fantastic